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Q. Should I say something to the parents who excluded my kid from their child’s birthday party? Should I invite them to his?

A. As you may know from personal experience, kids parties are not cheap!

Families routinely spend hundreds of dollars hosting a bunch of strangers’ kids for a birthday party. When parties are held outside the home, the cost per child can be upwards of $15, which gets pricey really fast! Plus, each additional child you invite means an additional invitation, party favor, slice or two of cake (if a parent is attending with the child)… You get the idea.

So, when planning the guest list, parents often have to encourage their children to pick their favorite friends to invite, rather than everyone they know. That’s not necessarily any reflection on you or your child, just a preference based on age, gender, personality, exposure, or some other factor. Don’t take it personally!

Unless you’re very close to the parent who didn’t include your child, avoid asking about why this was the case. Maybe your invitation got lost in the mail, but in all likelihood, they had to make a tough decision about who to include and your child wasn’t close enough to the birthday kid to make the cut. Asking about why this was the case would be incredibly awkward and probably wouldn’t make you feel any better anyway.

When planning your own child’s birthday, feel free to use the same standard and invite only the kids your son or daughter is closest to.

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