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4269396864_b8c6cda9f1_b-1-1Being at home with all three kids for the last month, with very little interruption by the coveted play date or the intermittent camp morning, I’ve found myself in a situation where I’ve relied heavily on my education training; creating a daily schedule that is followed by everyone. Generally, it’s been successful, because the kids know which activities are in which order. Although my kids don’t fight me when it comes to nap times, bath times and bedtimes, there are still hours of unstructured play time in the day, or times where I have to get other things done, and so during these times, I find myself literally repeating the same six things over and over and over and over…

What Happened?

Someone’s crying. Someone’s yelling. Sometimes I’m literally right in front of my two children and I still have NO IDEA why someone is completely freaking out. Or something drops in another room while I’m changing the baby, putting away dishes, or cooking…


I’ll Be Right There/Wait One Minute.

Someone wants water RIGHT NOW but I’m nursing. Someone needs a snack but I’m putting the dishes away. The grapes aren’t cut correctly. Netflix is playing the wrong episode. And I’m responding with a variation of, “I’ll be right there. You have to be patient. Wait one minute. I can only do one thing at a time…”

This is probably the most common thing I say all day long. I literally can only be in one place at one time. I think that’s why it’s so easy to forget things. I’m doing one thing, and then being asked to do three more, while I’m still accomplishing the first thing. We’re learning patience here. Slowly.

Control Your Body.

This one is mostly directed toward my almost five year old son, but it consists of him throwing his body around the house, getting too close to the baby, running, jumping…

I’ve Already Said This Three Times/I’m Not Going To Ask Again

Or I’ve said it four times. Or ten times. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes it seems like I just repeat myself for ten minutes before someone actually hears me.

Give The Baby Some Space

Don’t touch his head, he doesn’t need a toy, you’re too close…I think this is why the third baby is so easygoing. The poor kid is never alone.


Or a more PC version of it.

“Your sister/brother doesn’t like it when you…”

“What rule are you breaking right now?”
And on and on and on…


You know what annoys me the most about repeating these same phrases all the time? It’s such a waste of conversation. We could be talking about dinosaurs, building puzzles, or reading books, which we spend some of the day doing, (and it’s great!!)  but when I spend most of my day just saying different versions of the same thought, that’s when it all becomes so frustrating, because it feels like I’m just answering demands all day long. So that’s when we need a transition to a new activity, or a ride in the car, or some time to play outside. It’s amazing…when we get in the car or go somewhere, the mood just changes. Demanding statements turn into interesting questions about the outside world, and all of a sudden, everyone feels refreshed.


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