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Some friends are for a moment. Some are for a short time, and some are forever.
I have a few forever friends. I can count them on one hand. I’ve known these girls for a long time, and they all play different roles in my life. One of them came to visit me last week. When she stepped off the plane, I was totally transported back to my life at 25. It was like this huge rush of my young adulthood came flooding back, and I had a few days just to escape my now very adult daily routine. As the visit continued, I had these amazing flashbacks of the ten years I’ve known her and the things we’ve been through together.

In no particular order…

  • Ten years ago, when I moved to California to live with my now husband, then boyfriend, she drove with me all the way from the midwest. We turned it into a week long road trip that even included a three day stop in Vegas. To this day, it’s one of my fondest memories of my twenties. And it even included driving through a super scary wall cloud in Texas! We were terrified. We had her husband on the phone and he was watching the radar at home as the storm passed. This was before fancy cell phones, (wow, I’m dating myself) so we had no idea if we were driving into what could be a tornado or not. We ended up pulling in under an overpass, (not a great idea from a safety standpoint) but we could barely see in front of us and couldn’t drive one more inch. Looking back, we were so stupid. We were the only ones on this huge expanse of road. OMG. When the storm passed, I had to pee so badly, but we high tailed it another 40 miles before we dared stop!
  • On the scariest and saddest day of my twenties, I stayed at her house. I cried all night. She said nothing to me in the morning, even though I know she heard me sobbing for hours.
  • Last year, when my 13 year old cat, Addie, (who came on the road trip to California) wouldn’t stop peeing all over my house and I thought I’d have to put her down, she flew to visit, took my cat, and brought her back to her home, where she said she’d give Addie a nice retirement. Addie is so much happier in my friend’s house than she ever was with me.
  • When I turned 30, she flew to surprise me at my Michael Jackson themed birthday party.
  • She has totally kept the bridesmaid dress she wore at my wedding, and she says she still likes it.
  • When I taught at a school with no furniture, run down walls and barely any decor, she came with me in August to create wall curtains, crafty bulletin boards, and create a cozy learning space for my first graders.
  • We’ve run three mini-marathons together, and trained for each one together. That’s a lot of running and a lot of talking!
  • Before that move to California, I lived with her and her husband for two weeks, (with my cat, Addie) because I had to finish my school year and my apartment lease was up. 
  • She loves to play. She’s so much fun and young at heart. She makes me laugh. I’m already looking forward to her visit next year. I only hope I’m half the friend to her that she is to me.

True friendship is so rare, and when you find it, it’s just incredible, isn’t it?

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