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Ad placement

Ads can be purchased in three sizes 160×160, 160×300, and 300×300 pixels and have been very effective at gaining our readers’ attention:

I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to my etsy shop from my merelymothers ad. I get 5 times more traffic to my site from merelymothers than I do from any other ad I’ve placed. The readers on merelymothers clearly check out the advertisements and are active participants on the blog!

—Laura, Petite Nola Bags

Product reviews

Product reviews give us an opportunity to personally try your product and speak about it authentically, from our experiences. We do NOT, however, participate in any paid product reviews. If you’d like to send us a complimentary product for potential review, with honest, candid feedback, please contact us below.

Sponsored posts

Merelymothers will, on occasion present a product or service we believe would be beneficial to our readers in a sponsored post that aims to balance interesting, relevant content with an introduction to the product/service. In such cases, we always disclose that we were compensated at the beginning of a post, according to FTC guidelines.

Giveaways and discounts

Our readers are enthusiastic about product giveaways and discounts, and these posts generally have broad social media reach.

Social media promotion

Merelymothers has over 3,700 followers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter alone, and our audience is always expanding!

Brand ambassadorship

Over time, we’ve developed long-running relationships with companies like Petite Lemon and Boba that we truly love in order to promote them to our readers on the blog, through our social media channels, and in our day-to-day lives.

Evanthia and Sarah are fabulous to work with—and their writing on merelymothers is authentic and rich. They create original content that their readers truly connect with. We have worked with merelymothers on multiple occasions, including product stories and sidebar advertising, and have experienced a very positive response. Merelymothers readers are engaged and interested in the brands they share. We’re so glad to be a part of the merelymothers community.

—Jessica, Petite Lemon

I’m interested! What now?

Here are a few things you should know:

  • We do NOT accept contextual links in guest posts or our own.
  • We do NOT accept guest posts from companies, SEO builders, or PR companies.
  • Sponsored content is always labelled as such.

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