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Have you looked around lately? I mean, really, truly, looked at your life.

This is the prime of it. The absolute best. Yes, you’re exhausted, but that’s because perhaps you have children. Perhaps you work at an awesome job you worked hard to obtain. Perhaps you’re pregnant. Perhaps you have a large family who requires you to take care of little ones. Perhaps many of these things are true for you.

And these children, who love you completely unconditionally, want you to be with them for their every waking moment. It is you who they want to see when they wake up, you who they want to prepare each meal, and you who they must immediately recount the dramatic details of recess drama as soon as they walk in the door.

You are needed right now. So immensely. And yes, it feels like you don’t have a moment to sit down, to breathe, to be in a space, physical and emotional that is just your own, but if you can take that away from the equation for a moment, if you can just see how AMAZING everything is RIGHT NOW, you wouldn’t mind the screeching and the tantrums and the neediness and the constantly cluttered house and the endless laundry and meals and cleaning that needs to be done.

It’s all okay. These things that all need to be done, it’s because you’ve created the most loving and cozy home you could, and that means it needs to be kept running. You are the magical creature that keeps the family happy, that sprinkles beautiful memories that will one day bring your children comfort and will always bring them love. You get to do that!

And if that’s not good enough, there are some other very cool perks of this time in life.

You’re not yet in mid life, but are considered a fully functional, “I can do what I want” adult. You take care of your children, but you’re not yet also taking care of your parents. You can make the rules in your house. You can decide if you want ice cream for dinner when the kids go to bed, after they’ve had broccoli and baked chicken.

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You have to do the laundry and vacuum the house, but you get to choose when you do it. You don’t have a parent giving you timelines for chores or telling you how to spend your day.

Hopefully, you’re healthy. Your body is strong. You can move a car seat from one car to the other like a boss, carry ten bags of groceries to the house and then easily squat on the floor to give your children a bath.

This is a time in life to be so freaking grateful. You have a home, food, a job, perhaps you have children, and the uncertainties of your twenties have probably been replaced by financial and emotional stability in your thirties.

We see a lot of posts complaining about this time in our life. And yeah, it’s hard. It’s tiring. We have a lot to do. Maybe you miss the fun of your twenties, the travel, the self-centeredness, the clothes…I know I do sometimes. But then, when you really think about all these things you “have” to do now…aren’t you grateful that you’re the one who gets to do them?

I know I am.

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  1. THANK YOU. You have no idea how much I needed this today. I have a 3 year old and 3 month old at home and I’m totally exhausted. But really, life is GOOD – definitely hard, but very, very good.

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