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Woohoo!! It’s time for another super generous LulaRoe giveaway!!!

By now, if you’re an Evie+Sarah reader, you know how much I love Lularoe. Super comfortable, stylish and affordable…I’m a big fan of the brand. Especially because they celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

Today we’re talking about the Cassie skirt. Are you a pencil skirt person? As a mom of three young kids, I’m definitely not. Or so I thought. When I first started buying Lularoe last year, I thought the Cassie skirt, which is a stretchy pencil skirt, would be the one item I wouldn’t purchase. How could I wear a skirt like this with babies and toddlers?

Well, a year later and I have three of them! And with fall in full swing, the Cassie is the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe. As a layering piece, it works perfectly. And my favorite part? Just like all the pieces made by Lularoe, the Cassie comes in lots of sizes and looks amazing on various body types! Here are some of my favorite, not so predictable styles:

For example, with a chunky sweater and boots, you are so ready for a walk among the colorful fall leaves. (And..loose on top and more fitted on the bottom- way to work an hourglass shape!) :)

Style Tips - LuLaRoe "Cassie" Skirt

(and you can even add leggings underneath if you want more flexibility in your movement.)


Going out? Take a short, fitted jacket and button it up (but not too much). Fight the urge to wear a tank underneath the jacket. The shortness of the jacket will expose the high waist of the skirt. Super chic! I think this is my favorite look!

Style Tips - LuLaRoe "Cassie" Skirt


Or how about this one? A casual look with a classic white tee, topped off with an asymmetrical jacket:

Style Tips - LuLaRoe "Cassie" Skirt


This time around, I’m working with another consultant friend of mine, named Rachael. She and her friend of 19 years (!!), Emilee, have a Lularoe business together. Rachael sent me a few photos of her wearing the Cassie skirt layered with some other Lula pieces. For example, in this adorable photo, Rachael is wearing a tank over the Cassie and a Lularoe “Joy” cardigan as a layering piece.

Style Tips - LuLaRoe "Cassie" Skirt


In this photo, Rachael and Emilee are showing off their Cassie skirts with an Irma and Classic tee, and of course, one of my fave accessories, the denim vest. Irmas are a long, tunic shirt made by LulaRoe, perfect for a fall leggings outfit or folded under with a Cassie! The Classic tee is a more boxy LulaRoe shirt that hugs all the best places and flows away from the stuff you don’t like! (I own like six of them!)

Style Tips - LuLaRoe "Cassie" Skirt


Ready to find out about this time’s awesome giveaway??

Rachael and Emilee are giving away a Cassie skirt, a shirt of your choice, plus a free pair of leggings: over $100 in value! Amazing!! This giveaway will go until October 31! How do you enter?

This giveaway is now closed.

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2. Leave us a comment on your fave way to wear the Cassie. If you’ve never tried it, let us know that, too. Now, you’re entered!

Take a look at our Facebook page so you don’t miss out on all my LulaRoe tips, tricks and giveaways, along with our perspectives on all sorts of current events. We’ll announce the winner on Facebook on Halloween, so be sure you’ve liked us to find out!

Make sure to jump on over to Rachael and Emilee’s Facebook page to follow their sales, special deals, and style tips!! They have giveaways and super cute styles, including outfits of the day, all the time! Super fun!


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PS: I am not a LulaRoe consultant, but I’m a huge supporter of the brand!

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53 thoughts on “Style Tips for Wearing the LuLaRoe “Cassie” Skirt and a Lularoe Giveaway worth $100!

  1. Hey! I’m hoping this is the right spot to comment this time around :)
    I love to wear cassie as a scarf OR with a belt around it to add some accessory!

  2. I am very “hippy”, since I am Latina sometimes the midsection is curvy to say the least. I wear my Cassies with a Lularoe Perfect T tied up on both sides. I can still cover what I don’t want shown, especially as a high school teacher, and I feel fabulous!!!!

  3. I just had my first online party to score free leggings and a free Carly! I’m so excited for them to arrive! Cassie was actually number one on my list to try but there weren’t any prints I loved in my size. I LOVE my Irma!

  4. I love wearing Cassies with a fitted top tucked in. Now that it’s getting cooler, I’ve got to try it as an infinity scarf!

  5. I haven’t tried the Cassie skirt, but I’ve been recently bit by the LulaRoe bug…went from having one pair of leggings to 4 in a month. Definitely want to try and get more adventurous with my LLR purchases, I’ve had my heart set on expanding with a Nicole or Anna!

  6. I currently own some leggings and a Carly dress and would love to try a Cassie skirt, I am sure I would rock it!

  7. Hi Evie & Sarah! I haven’t tried the Cassie yet. I am sure that I will love it if I would try one. I have seen photos and lots of beautiful prints! Thanks for the suggestion of the waistband and adjusting the length. I am excited to find one now!

  8. I love my Cassie’s and wear as a skirt and it’s awesome as a scarf in the cold weather. No matter your size it is very complimentary as is all LuLaRoe.

  9. I’ve never tried Lula Roe. Heard of it, but never tried it.To be honest, neither have any of my peers. Maybe the brand just hasn’t caught on in our area yet?? After reading this post, I may have to become a trendsetter!!

  10. I have never tried a cassie so i dont have a favorite way to wear one but I would love to try it.

  11. I love wearing the Cassie as a skirt with solid leggings & boots and an Irma.I would love to pair with a Sarah but I have been too scared to purchase one(I never used to wear cardigans,that’s why.LOL)I love how with LuLaRoe you can easily dress items down or up.And that every piece is so unbelievably comfortable

  12. I’ve never tried Lularoe but I’d love to try a pencil skirt that I can wear while keeping up with my six kids:)

  13. I’ve never tried a Cassie. I loved pencil skirts pre-kids, but once I was running around after first one, then two little boys, the structured skirt just felt too restrictive. But I’ve never found a style of skirt that is as flattering for my body or fits my style, so I’d love to try a Cassie. Hopefully it would be the answer to by skirt prayers?

  14. I haven’t tried a Cassie yet. I think i would do with oversized sweater & leggings & boots. It’s getting cold here!

  15. I love LuLaRoe! I have several Cassie’s but have yet to wear them. I plan on wearing them as a scarf soon though!

  16. I am a new convert to LuLaRoe. Based on Sarah’s raves, I recently purchased a Julia dress… LOVE IT! The fit, the length, the easy-care fabric (great for everything from work to travel), and the versatility. There are so many ways I can style this dress with things that I already have in my wardrobe. It is also a year-round piece because it can be layered. I am in my 50s and found the fit both super flattering yet modest all at the same time. I would like to try the Cassie skirt next.

    1. So excited you love the Julia! If you like the Julia, you will love the Cassie- similar fit! I agree on the super flattering yet modest descriptors! Part of what I love about the company.

  17. I’ve not gotten a cassie yet, but have just ordered my first item that wasn’t leggings so excited to start trying new styles! I think I would pair it with a long sleeve top, scarf, tights and ankle boots to keep me warm and look stylish.

  18. I love the look of the Cassie and look forward to getting my first one when the time is right. I currently don’t own any Lularoe pieces. However, my first pair of tights on their way as I type this. Several of my friends are Lularoe devotees and wear the Cassie frequently. I look forward to pairing the Cassie with either a cute t-shirt or a turtleneck with leggings are tights underneath and cute boots or tennis shoes. Basically, pick me! Lol.

  19. I’ve never owned a Cassie, so I’d love to try one. I would probably start out with a chunky sweater and boots!

  20. I love wearing my Cassie with a plain t-shirt if I want to dress down or a fancier shirt if we are going out.

  21. I have never tried any luluroe pieces, but have been strongly considering it! I mean who doesn’t love both cute and comfortable?!

  22. I like to make the cassie CASUAL — T-shirt and sandals for summer — I love that pink Cassie you’re rocking!

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