Do you have a story about parenthood you’d like to share with our audience? Merelymothers is looking for unique angles on parenthood, humorous essays, or touching stories that will resonate with our diverse audience.

We have found that the best pieces of content are between 500 and 800 words, although sometimes a piece may be longer. Please note that at this time, we’re not accepting informational pieces, only personal essays.

Merelymothers will pay $30 per original piece of content, but we welcome submissions that have been published elsewhere.

How to submit your work

  1. Submit your finished piece (not a post idea) to, with the title of your piece in the subject line. Specify whether this is an original piece or has already been published (if the latter, provide a link to its original publication site). Paste the essay into the body of your email (no attachments, please). Please include a short bio with any hyperlinks you’d like to include.
  2. Agree to the Terms below (or HERE).
  3. We will respond within a week if the piece is right for us.
  4. If your original piece is accepted, send your invoice after publication to Please note: we are currently offering payment via Paypal, so be sure to include your Paypal email address your invoice.