August 26, 2017 Sarah 0Comment

We love that you’re all excited for new episodes of Best Friend Banter, (thanks for all the emails!) and we’re so sorry new episodes have been scarce! We have so much to talk about…so that is never the issue!!

But sadly, we’ve had some technical difficulties with internet, and now with Hurricane Harvey dancing its way through Texas, we’ve got some new challenges. (Evie’s power is on and off.) But, we will be back ASAP with brand new episodes and as always, we’ve got a few REALLY exciting things in the works!! So stay tuned!!

If you need your Evie+Sarah fix right away, (who wouldn’t?) check out these hit episodes:

Podcast #35: I Am Woman


Podcast #28: How Good Are You at Saying “No”?


See you on the other side of Harvey! Stay safe!!




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