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1. I’m definitely the kind of person whose mood is set by the weather. Sunny, 75 and not a cloud in sight? Great day!

2. Spent a morning hour browsing Target with my two little ones.  I try to keep my visits down to once a month, but there’s just so much good stuff in there!! Today, I’m decorating my downstairs bathroom. I bought (among like a hundred other things,) an iridescent ceramic vase to go on the toiletry table. It looks so cool with my Parisian soaps!

3. In the afternoon, the kids ran around in the sun while I chatted with friends.

4. Dinner was already prepared enchiladas, (yum!) and all I had to do was pop it in the oven, which meant no dishes to clean up!

5. I got a couple of super cute Zulily packages in the mail. Hello super cute moccasins for the baby and a couple of springy tunic tops for me!!  moccasins

6. I splurged and bought a sweet tea from Chick-Fil-A. So much sugar, I know, but I only drank half so that’s ok, right?

7. Got to catch up on House of Cards episodes in the afternoon during kids quiet time (read- tv time for them) I’ve heard this season really crosses the line. I’m toward the end and getting very nervous.

8. Got caught up on laundry. (Yes, this makes the list. With three kids, the overflowing laundry is a constant!)

9. My husband was home for family dinner, and it was easy to prepare. Major points there.

10. Finished the day out at book club with friends. Our read this month? The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. Wasn’t bad. Finished it about two hours before book club. My snack of choice to bring? Three bags of Dove chocolates.

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