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5286164935_733318c535_b-1According to research, three kids are the most stressful number to have. I can see this. There are a few times in the day when everyone needs something RIGHT NOW and I wish I could grow like three more arms. Or, as my son pointed out yesterday, if there were three of me, I could do all the things I wanted to at the same time. Sometimes, everyone is crying and I literally don’t know who to help first. But there are some awesome things about the third baby that no one told me about! Here is my list:

You finally figure out how to make naps/bedtimes take five minutes or less!

…and with minimal crying! Yes, that holy grail actually exists!!

You know how to read a baby’s cues.

Hungry? Tired? Bored? Overstimulated? Needing snuggles? You know from the way they start to fuss exactly what they need.

The oldest child can truly be helpful!

Often, I have my five year old straddle the floor, and we put the baby in between his legs. The baby is learning how to sit, so this bit of help gives him just enough support and my oldest child feels like a superstar for having a chance to help. I’m always RIGHT there, of course, but it frees my hands to accomplish something else.

You carry WAY less.

I have already downsized my bag! I carry diapers/wipes/outfit in the car, and that’s it. He has a toy on his car seat, and I have a baby carrier and stroller in the car. What else could I need?

Snuggling the little one is so relaxing and calming.

My day is really busy and often chaotic, but when I sit down to feed the baby, even in the middle of the night,  and I can really look into his eyes and feel his squishy, cuddly body, I feel so happy. I don’t often get to give him my undivided attention, so when I can, it’s really fantastic for both him and me. I know how fast this first year goes, and even though at times it’s exhausting, I know that every phase moves to the next quickly.


Now, after this list of rainbows and unicorns, here’s one more thing. We’re entering a new phase of infanthood; the spoon feeding phase. And because the baby requires my undivided attention while everyone else is still asking for five million things, meal times have become super chaotic. Any advice? Please?


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