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I made it about ten days doing everything right. I was feeling good and doing well, although day 9 and 10 I had to walk away from the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry, just trying to avoid old after kids bedtime snacking habits. I even made it through my birthday without eating cake, and opted for a fruit salad instead.

But then, I got strep throat. The first day, I didn’t eat much at all, and the second day, all I wanted and could eat was ice cream. So I broke the Whole30 rules and had some. That took me down a few days of getting off the wagon. Not horribly off, but I definitely added sugar, carbs and dairy back in. And that lasted for five days.

According to the Whole30 rules, once you make a mistake, you have to start over. Back at Day 1. The idea is that it takes 30 whole days without these additions to your diet in order to reset your body. So to get the full benefits, you’ve got to commit for 30 days. But after five days, I was having a really hard time finding the motivation to completely commit again. So I modified it a little to fit something I could do for a longer amount of time. I cut out dairy and carbs, and put in a little added sugar during the day. (No cookies, candy, etc, but either a salad dressing with a little sugar and one diet soda.) As I mentioned in my last entry here, although I loved how I felt in the first week and a half, this wasn’t something I could do long term. That lasted about another week, and then I really fell off the wagon again! (Chinese food and pizza!! Oh no!)  I finished out the month eating barely any dairy, very few carbs, and a little more sugar than I wanted. As predicted, the sugar was the hardest to cut out completely. According to the Whole30 plan, I didn’t complete it successfully. I fell off the plan, I didn’t start over at day 1, and I just kept chugging along. But-

How did the month end for me? 

  1. A total of 8 lbs lost! Awesome!
  2. I have definitely learned that I don’t need carbs at every meal! In fact, one of my new favorite go to quick meals is turkey roll ups, steamed broccoli, and roasted potato or sweet potato “fries.” I love that meal and it’s super healthy and I feel very full and satiated.
  3. I balance my carbs and sugar better. If I have carbs for lunch, I don’t have any at dinner.  (most days…it’s practice not perfect)
  4. I’m getting excited about things at the store I never would have noticed before! Butternut squash or sweet potato “noodles!”
  5. A green tea after dinner is a great alternative to dessert, (although I’ll admit I’m not always successful at that one.)
  6. Fruit tastes AMAZING when it’s the only sugar you’re having!
  7. The weight will come back quickly if I go back to bad habits. So I’m trying hard to be very conscious of what I’m eating.


Now with a few modifications, I’ve found that I have to cook and clean less, but can still eat 90% clean during the day. (salad bar at the grocery store for the win!) I’m still reaping a lot of the benefits, changing my lifestyle and changing my relationship with food. And if that means I have to modify the strictness of the Whole30, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m really happy  with this month’s successes. I feel like I’m really on the road to changing my habits. And that’s the goal, right?

How did your month end? How did you do?

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One thought on “The Journey of the Whole30: Making Mistakes and Starting Over Doesn’t Mean You Failed

  1. Would it be possible for you to list all the foods you eat on a daily basis. That would be really helpful!

    For example, today I had 1 strawberry for breakfast. It was a rather large strawberry, so I didn’t eat all of it. I ate 3/5 of it. This occurred at 9:15 am. I will download a photo of it both before and after I consumed part of it. Readers really want to know…

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