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So, when the Carly dress came out last year, I was just as mystified as some of you. Are they selling a nightgown? Why would I want to buy a $55 dress that hugged my bosom and then flared out, and was two different lengths in the front and in the back? All the models were flaring the dress out with their hands, so of course, it looked flowing and ethereal. But when you tried it on in real life, it just made you look lumpy and way bigger than you are actually are. To be honest, I didn’t buy a Carly for months because I really thought it was way too expensive and wasn’t that flattering.

But eventually, I did try it. (You know how much I love LuLaRoe, so I just had to.) And although it was a bit of a learning curve, I found some styles that I love. I’m sharing my favorite ways to wear the Carly, and I’m so excited to highlight one of my favorite consultants, Branda, who has the cutest prints and the most creative ways to wear the Carly! I love getting inspiration from her, and today you get to see her tricks of the trade!

(Plus, she’s giving away a Carly to a lucky reader! Keep reading on how to win!)

Thinking that because I wear a medium in the Nicole and a small in the Julia, I ordered a small in the Carly. The dress does start at XXS after all, and I am sure as hell not that small! (Well…keep reading!) My bust runs at like a 36E right now, so I figured the small would give enough room up there. And it did. But it was a little baggy, so I wore it with a belt, leggings, boots and a jacket. It was a cute fall look!

I bought this adorable Carly from Branda. It’s an XXS, so I don’t need a belt. But with solid leggings and a jean jacket, this was a great outfit for a recent spring party. (And even with my large chest, it fits!) So see? SO much versatility in sizing! You can wear lots of sizes!!

But…can you wear the Carly oversized? Totally! Here is Branda, wearing a size large Carly. One photo with a belt, and one without, both knotted at the bottom to give the dress a little more shape. (She can wear down to an XXS.) Look at how cute she looks!


Did you know you can wear Carly as a long shirt? This is Branda wearing an XXS Carly, knotted up at the bottom to highlight a sneak peek of her denim shorts.

Branda is giving away a Carly dress to a lucky reader! Amazing!! This giveaway will go until April 22! How do you enter?

PS: I’m not a consultant! I just love promoting this brand and promoting my favorite consultants!!

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25 thoughts on “The Styling Tricks You Need to Make the LuLaRoe Carly Dress Work for You, and a Carly Giveaway!

  1. The Carly is oversized so my preferred size is xs or small (normally a small to medium). I love wearing them as is with cute sandals or chucks and a jean jacket and I also love wearing them belted with booties or knee high boots. Carly is the most versatile dress and looks great on everyone!

  2. I signed up for the newsletter, I don’t own a Carly yet but I love oversized dresses with leggings. I’m guessing I’ll get a xxs or xs size and work with it. Thanks for the chance to win

  3. I actually never wore a Carly dress ’cause I think looks too baggy, but this was really interesting. I’m reconsidering my choice, maybe I can give it a try :)

  4. I love, love my Carly. Favorite lularoe dress. I typically just wear it down, but Branda has a couple cute styling ideas with the knotted Carly that I want to try too.

  5. Okay, I have never been a fan of the Carly either, because I didn’t think it would look good on my small body type…. but you’re convincing me I may need to try it. I love that oversized look!

  6. Never owned one or tried one before, but I keep hearing about it from all of my friends! I would love to try it out!

  7. I love the Carly dress. It’s so comfortable and easy to throw in when I’m spending the day chasing after the kids.

  8. I love to wear my Carly belted with a long sweater and leggings in the winter and belted with a jean jacket in the spring!! So versatile! My favorite LuLaRoe piece!

  9. I have never worn a Carly dress but I’d prolly wear it with those knots and an amazing chunky necklace.

  10. I LOVE Carly! I think my favorite styling tip is the quarter and rubber band(s) tricks. (My 3yo grandson won’t let me war it knotted, he unties it and says, “Don’the ball it up, GiGi!” But he likes the “button” or flower when I do a quarter trick.)

  11. I’ve never worn a Carly but I love how versatile it is! My coworker is obsessed with LuLaRoe and said I need to check it out and after reading this I’m starting to agree! 😬

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