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In another life, I would’ve gone to film school and made movies for a living. I toyed with the idea after undergraduate school. Years later, I still really love and appreciate good tv and good film. I’m not a reality TV type of person, though. I’m a total dork when it comes to tv. I like happy, witty television that is purely entertaining. (My favorite show of all time is the Golden Girls, if that gives you any indication of where I’m going with this.) Lately, I’ve stumbled upon some really funny, solid tv shows. Do you watch any of these? If you don’t, you’ve got to check them out! And PS- with the exception of Grey’s Anatomy, I don’t watch anything that’s dark, dreary, violent or scary. So here are my top picks.

The UnBreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Season Two was just released on Netflix on April 15. Funny though, I just found Season One last week. Produced by Tina Fey, it’s about a girl who was kept captive in a bunker with three other women for 15 years. She is now starting over in New York City. That premise seems like it would be totally dark, but somehow, it’s actually funny. The characters are charming, three dimensional, and entirely entertaining. The writing is witty and refreshing, the situations ridiculous but still endearing, and there is actually a decent plot. I find myself laughing during every episode.


The Real O’Neals

Looking at the previews for this new ABC comedy, I wasn’t interested. The trailer really doesn’t do it justice. It seemed like a regular family show with nothing special to offer. But one night, I watched it…and I was pleasantly surprised. The premise is an Irish Catholic family with parents who are getting divorced, a male anorexic teenager, another son, Kenny, the narrator, who has just come out to his family and friends, and a daughter in the middle. Again, fantastic writing and comedic set-up. This one has some hilarious dream sequences in Kenny’s head, as he navigates being the only openly gay person in his traditional Catholic high school. It’s a wholesome family comedy, but also deals with real issues in a relatable way.


 Grace and Frankie

Another Netflix gem, this one starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterston, is based on two married couples whose husbands leave their wives (Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda,) for each other. As they are navigating this new love affair in their seventies, their wives are left to start over, and to do so as roommates. It’s like an Odd Couple premise with the eccentricity of Lily Tomlin and the almost snobby comedy of Jane Fonda. However, they also deal tenderly and sweetly with the real issues couples face as they dismantle the family they’ve spent decades cultivating. Season Two is set to arrive May 6. Plenty of time to get caught up!


 The Goldbergs

Oh this one is just dear to my heart…probably because I was raised in a Jewish family. It’s one of the only comedies that centers on a family of Jewish culture, and not necessarily religion. In fact, they don’t ever really come out and say that the Goldberg family is Jewish, except for a Hanukah episode here and there, but the overbearing, overprotective mother character plays a central role in every episode. The family is based in the 80’s, so there’s plenty of 80’s nostalgia to go around. This show is the new Wonder Years, except with a Jewish family. Wednesday nights on ABC.

Devious Maids

This one is SUCH a guilty pleasure. It’s only on in the summer, when sizzling drama is a perfect match for the hot weather. A Lifetime original, produced by Eva Longoria and Desperate Housewives Marc Cherry, it follows the maid staff of the absurdly rich in Beverly Hills, and there is always a ridiculous amount of hilarious and impossible drama, usually a murder mystery, love interests, and some incredibly dry and witty dialogue. This trailer is from last year, as this one hasn’t come out yet, but it gives you a good idea.

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