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Big sibling gifts collage (500x500)

With all this talk of second pregnancies and babies, now seems like a good time to recognize that our newly christened big brothers and sisters might need a little special treat. After scouring the internet for all the best gift ideas out there, here are my very favorite big-brother and big-sister gifts.

1. Recordable storybooks

While mom and dad are away at the hospital, what better way to help your first child feel connected than by reading him or her a story?



2. Disposable camera and photo album

I love the idea of letting the big kid get in on the excitement of welcoming a new baby by snapping their own photos and then placing them in their very own big brother/sister album!


3. Activity book

Everyone knows being a new big brother/sister involves a lot of “being patient” while the grown-ups tend to the baby. That means the older child will need something super amazing to entertain them. What came to mind for me was a book called My Pretty Pink Sticker Activity Purse, which kept A occupied during an EIGHT hour delay at the airport during the holidays. Over five hundred stickers? Yes, please!




4. Fort-building kit or tent

Don’t all kids need a space of their own, especially when a little person comes into their home and crashes the party? I think forts and tents would appeal to any big brother/sister as they try to get a little time away from the baby :)

fort building kitI especially love this homemade fort-building kit idea from Elle Belle Creative that suggests…

  • Fabric shower curtains
  • A package of suction cup hooks
  • Small bungee cords
  • A flash light
  • A package of plastic clips
  • Glow bracelets
  • Rope

If you’re not feeling the DIY element, or your big kid isn’t quite ready for building his/her own fort, these pop-up tents would certainly do the trick!


61q6jlREy8L._SL1200_5. Mini diaper bag and baby carrier

What better way to interest an older sibling in the ins and outs of baby care than by offering them their very own diaper bag, stocked with a coordinating changing pad, “quilt,” three diapers, a wipes case, and a reversible bib?


And these mini baby carriers are to die for!


6. On the Day I Was Born book

One of my absolute favorite ideas that I came across on another mom blog was a guest post on The Creative Mama’s site by Stacey Worthington, who created On the Day I Was Born books for her boys. Their big brother gifts were photo books that tell the story of their parents falling in love and their birth, all leading up to their becoming big brothers.

on the day i was born

on the day i was born 2

If this is something that appeals to you, you can head over to Stacey’s blog at Life as You Live It, where she actually sells the Photoshop template for this book, or you can select the option to have Stacey design a book with your pictures. Pretty awesome!

7. Scrubs

Before A was born, one of the preparatory gifts my husband received was a pair of Daddy Scrubs to wear at the hospital. We got such a kick out of them that it seems appropriate to highlight the big brother/sister version.

Baby scrubs

8. Matching big sibling/little sibling tees and onesies

All big brothers and sisters can use a little recognition of their new title, and what better way to announce it than with a brand new tee shirt? The coolest part is that you can get baby a matching onesie in the same pattern from sites like petite lemon!

tee and onesie

9. Jewelry

Looking for a long-lasting memento of the time when your first welcomed their baby brother or sister? How about a piece of jewelry for each child, to symbolize their new relationship? Although most of your options are geared toward girls, I did still come across a few pieces for boys on Etsy that are definitely guy-approved.

pea pod necklace

dog tag

10. Personalized books

If you don’t have the resources to create your own On the Day I Was Born book (i.e. Photoshop or $125 for Stacey to do it for you, or maybe you don’t have all the photos because you’re purchasing for a friend), you might consider another personalized option:

big brother book

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Looking for a few more gift ideas? I actually wrote this post BEFORE I had my second baby, so I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve. Click here for FIVE more ideas!

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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Big-Brother & Big-Sister Gifts

  1. Theses are all great ideas! As a mom of (almost) 3, I can say that the greatest “gift” you can give a sibling is that of your undivided attention. And we all know that is not an easy task. With my 2nd child, my first was only 18 months, so the whole becoming a big brother was a little lost on him. We didn’t get him gifts or anything, we just had special time with *just* him. Now with the 2 I have who are about to add a 3rd, I have been contemplating creating “Mommy and Daddy date cards.” At 3 and 4 I think they may understand this more than if younger. I want to create little cards that entitle each boy–and *just that boy* to go on a date with Mom or Dad to: the library, the yogurt shop, the grocery store, etc. It doesn’t cost much (with 3 kids and a tiny house, we are trying not to accumulate “stuff”), but just a little planning and a willing partner to take on babysitting while you are on your date!

    1. Ali, I simply love the idea of date cards for big brothers/sisters! You’re so right that what they really want and need is a little bit of special, undivided time with their mom and dad, and I can see how that would be difficult to pencil in. Giving a 3- or 4-year-old (or even older child) the power to request a “date” is a fantastic suggestion that doesn’t cost much at all or add clutter, as you said. Thanks for sharing!!

    2. Ali,

      I wanted to spread the word about your 33 acts of kindness. I clicked through to your blog and your thoughtfulness made me tear up.

      Just knowing people like you are out there has made my day.

      1. Aw, thank you for the kind words! This journey has been remarkable. I cannot wait to do my summary retrospective on it. The most amazing (and unanticipated) part has been to see how many people have been moved by it.

  2. I’m so excited that you love the doll diaper bag set! I have been noticing hits from merelymothers.com and so did a little investigating. What an awesome site you have!! Thank you for including my diaper bag sets in your top 10!!

  3. I have a 2.5 year old son who is 2 weeks away from being dethroned by a baby sister. I don’t think he gets it, but I know he won’t be happy about it. The past 3 months, he has been obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So I bought him a small Duplo Jake themed set and am going to wrap it and put it in my hospital bag. After baby is born and he comes with my husband to visit, I will have that present ready and waiting for him and say it was from baby sister. We will see if that starts things off on the right foot. I know the memory of the gift will fade quickly, but Christmas is only 6 weeks away, so there will be plenty of things to keep him busy.

    1. Good luck with your baby girl (and big brother), Amy! It can be a tough transition, but you’ll all make it through.

      I think making the older sibling feel important–like part of the process of welcoming the baby–is HUGE. I really like the idea of giving big brother a gift from the baby at the hospital. The other thing we did that I’d read about online was to send the baby to the nursery before the older sibling first comes to visit you at the hospital, so he/she can go “pick up” their baby brother or sister and not walk into a room where mom’s already holding the new kid. That approach worked well for us :)

  4. We are giving our almost 3-years granddaughter a baby doll and cradle with quilt and a set of bottles, bib, etc. from her new brother, waiting in her room when she returns home. We are hoping she’ll like it.

    1. How old is the child you’re shopping for? I don’t think you can really go wrong with the Etsy peapod necklaces, regardless of age.

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful, Lynet! Congratulations and good luck with your second (and your big kid)!

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