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So, it’s been two months since I ate a Whole30 diet. They say it takes about 21 days to form a habit, and Whole30 is all about taking away bad habits and replacing them with healthy choices.

Out of the 8 lbs I lost, I kept off 5/6. And more importantly, there were some eating habits that I feel really changed for the better. So even though it is not going to be a long term thing for me to eat a Whole30 diet, here are the things I have definitely begun doing long term:


  1. Home cooked french fries. When I’m in the mood for french fries, I drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper over some freshly cut potato wedges and bake. Perfect.
  2. Fresh fruit on the go. Almost daily I cut up strawberries and pineapples for a mid day  snack.
  3. Lara Bars. It took me a few tries, but I love the chocolate chip coconut!
  4. I’m not afraid of adding protein and skipping the dairy. I try to make grocery store salads for lunch a few times a week. And now, I always skip the cheese and the croutons, but I add some bacon bits and olives.
  5. I definitely eat mid morning now. Whether it’s a Shakeology shake and some fruit or a Lara Bar, or even some eggs, I’m not afraid of breakfast!
  6. I’ve cut out a lot of processed foods. In my twenties, I ate a lot of frozen Lean Cuisine meals, and even after having kids, I turned to those as a quick and easy meal. Now I do enjoy the Garden Lites Butternut Squash or Zucchini souffle, but that’s the extent of a frozen meal. I have gotten comfortable with finding things that are satiating and not laden with sugar or carbs. In fact, I know now I don’t need carbs in a meal to be full. And if I have carbs at lunch, I try to forget about them at dinner. (sometimes this is not as successful as I planned..)
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What am I doing that’s not whole30? I’m eating pizza and sandwiches and sometimes chips and sugar. Of course, I fall off the wagon. But I’m being more aware. I try really hard not to grab empty carbohydrates. And a few nights a week, I have some steamed broccoli, baked potato wedges and some turkey slices for dinner.

I’ve still got some weight to lose, but I can tell my relationship with food is changing. And that’s the most important thing. Did you do a Whole30? What did you learn from it?

photo credit: Pascal Volk Brown haired green kiwifruit via photopin (license)