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Want to know the best LuLaRoe secret?? You can totally interchange the sizes for fantastic new looks!! I just discovered this a few months ago, and I’m having way too much fun buying lots of sizes and styling them all! I own LuLaRoe shirts  from size XS to 2XL. I own Julia dresses from size Small to Large. (The above photo is a size small black Julia dress with a belted scarf.) One of the coolest things about this brand is that the clothes can be dressed up or dressed down, and a lot of that depends on sizing! And even better, this sizing fun is exactly why LuLaRoe is so great for dressing confidence! Who cares what the size is? Buy it bigger and have fun styling it! Here are some awesome examples of how you can play with LuLaRoe sizing for your own personalized look.

classic XL

xs classicdone











Here are two LuLaRoe Tees. The one on the left is an XL Perfect Tee. I love wearing it with a cropped jacket and leggings. The one on the right is an XS Classic Tee, worn with the same leggings. Totally different looks, just by changing the sizing. Additionally, the Perfect Tee has slits up both sides, which can be tied together to make a flowy shirt more fitted!


In this look, Branda is wearing a Julia that is a bit bigger than her fitted size. She usually wears an XS, but this is a medium. It gives her the chance to wear a belt on her hips and then blouse out the dress just a little to add shape. Rolling up the sleeves tightens up the one area that may be a bit too loose.

julia and belt


Here, I’m wearing a Lola skirt. However, I wanted to wear a white shirt on top, one that could be tucked in and then pulled out to create a little volume. This shirt is a classic tee although an Irma would work as well! What size for this outfit? XS or Small.



Branda wears an XS Julia if she wants it fitted, but in this photo, she’s wearing an XL! Just tie it at the bottom for a little more of a fitted look, and you can wear it as a relaxed tunic with leggings.


In this photo, Branda is wearing an 2XL classic tee for an off the shoulder weekend look. Her sleeves are a bit big, so she knotted them to give them a little more shape but also to add to the detail. Cute casual look, right?


This is a medium Irma tunic, (her fitted size is XXS) worn tucked in, pulled out and off the shoulder.



This is one of my favorite things about LuLaRoe! When I love a print, I can usually get it anyway, whatever the size, and find a fun way to style it!

PS! Loving Branda’s looks? Her consultant Facebook page is here. She has weekly pop-ups and sales!

PPS! I’m totally not a LuLaRoe consultant or receiving any compensation for this post. I just love this brand and love fashion! :)

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12 thoughts on “Shhh!!! The LuLaRoe Secret Everyone Needs To Know

    1. Hi Tracey! The irma is actually longer than the classic. The irma is shorter in the front and longer in the back. :) And yes, probably a large would be a bit longer than a medium.

  1. What about leggings ladies? Hmmmm? I’m thinner and tall and I’m going to be daring and try a pair of tall and curvy leggings. There is very little info out there about the true size difference. I would love to see a comparison!

  2. Thank you for the cute LLR style tips! Do you know if the classic tee runs large? I am a 16-18 and I am in between a L and XL.

    1. I do think that the Classic runs big! However, it can be a little snug in the chest. I can wear an XS, (although it’s a little snug) the small fits perfectly, and I like the medium for days I want a baggier shirt. I think many sizes can fit someone!

  3. In the Lola picture, you mention buying the skirt too big to tuck in a shirt, but then you mention xs or sm. What number size do you usually wear if xs and small are larger than your typical? I appreciate your insight, and the pictures are so helpful!

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