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hello evie and sarah, goodbye merelymothers

What do you do when you’ve outgrown something you thought would fit forever? Maybe it’s an old cozy sweater, maybe it’s boots you absolutely adored. You think you’ll always want to wear them, even though they’re a little out of style. But one day, you realize you won’t put them on ever again.

So what do you do? Do you throw them away? Do you donate them?

Or, do you add them to your kid’s dress-up clothes and then get excited about finding something pretty and new that’s so You right now? That’s just what we did.

Over the last year or so, we noticed that merelymothers just didn’t “fit” us anymore. Merelymothers was our passion project back when we were two new moms trying to figure out who the hell we were once we’d put our careers on hold to have babies. But we’ve done a lot of growing since then. Sure, we’re still full-time moms managing young families, but we’re not lost in babyhood anymore. We have our own projects, our own interests, our own identities.

merelymothers-author-photoEvie and Sarah, circa 2013

Merelymothers wasn’t giving us the space to explore all the different parts of who we are, especially the most interesting ones. Plus, we felt like we were trying way too hard to write what we thought people wanted to read instead of what truly inspired us.

Five years after launching merelymothers, we’ve outgrown our “mommy blog” and want a site that’s a more engaging spot for lifestyle and parenting topics. That’s why you’ll be seeing us here now.

Evie+Sarah will be a place that reflects what our lives look like now, where we say what’s really(!) on our minds. Personal stories. Controversial topics. Creative inspiration. No small talk. No filter.

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PS—Don’t worry. Your favorite merelymothers posts are still here, in the Best of Merelymothers section up top.

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