September 11, 2017 Evie+Sarah 0Comment

As one half of a best friend duo that’s been lovingly accused of an “emotional affair,” some of Anna Faris’ recent statements about female friendship seem kind of…weird. I mean, I know she’s just coming off a split with Chris Pratt and all, but the divorce seems to be clouding her thinking on relationships in general:

“I was once told that I didn’t need a tight group of girlfriends because Chris should be my best friend. But I never bought that. The idea of your mate being your best friend — it’s overhyped… To be honest, I think the notion of best friends in general is messed up though. It puts so much pressure on any one person, when I truly believe it’s okay to have intimacy with different people in different ways.”

Hmm, I’m with you, Anna, on the whole You can’t count on your husband to be your everything in life, but no best friends, like, at all? That seems sad to me.

I take her point that each friend you have in life brings something unique to the relationship. Some friendships we maintain because we have shared history; some, a shared interest. Sometimes we have circumstantial friends whose company we enjoy when we just happen to see them in a particular setting. Yeah, that’s all fine and good.

But some friendships just grow deeper roots than others. Putting aside the juvenile scenario she presents of “ranking your friends,” don’t some people make us feel like our true selves, without fear of judgment, and aren’t those really our “best” friends?

We all deserve that. You too, Anna.



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