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Q. I’m not sure what to have my daughter’s long-time best friend call me. “Mrs. So-and-So” seems so formal, but just calling me by my first name seems a little too informal. What’s the standard for school-age kid?

A. This is totally dependent on the comfort level of the grown-ups! Some adults prefer to be called by their last name (Mrs. Smith), and others prefer the use of Miss before their first name (Miss Alison). However, if the child is your kid’s best friend, often there’s a special relationship. In this case, you may even use Aunt or Auntie (Aunt Alison), because this child is like a family member!

Another option is just to use the first name when addressing the adult. While some adults are okay with this, it does create a level of equality that may not be appropriate in all situations. But, it also sets the child up to view her friend’s mom as a friend as well, and that could be a wonderful thing.

The most important thing is that each adult agrees on what they would like to be called.

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