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What the stars tell us about our kids

Do you believe our identities are preordained?

The realist in me thinks that’s silly, but I’ve always been drawn to astrology. I’m not talking about daily horoscopes in the back of the newspaper. More like the patterns that seem to emerge about our personality, health, and career choices depending on when we were born. (Check out this article in the Washington Post about how “Scientists have discovered how the month you’re born matters for your health.”)

I’ve been interested in the possibility that the universe held answers about our lives since I was a little kid—not an obsession, but an interest. And now that I’m a mom, I sometimes feel a renewed curiosity: Can astrology offer us a glimpse into who our babies will someday become?

My own early November birthday makes me a Scorpio: strong-willed, passionate, and intuitive.

Check. Check. Check.

Makes me think there’s something to it, but I know I’m in the minority:

…According to a 2009 Harris Poll, a full 26 percent of Americans believe in astrology (less than the number of UFO believers, but more than those that accept reincarnation as truth).  The Atlantic

Last Christmas, with family gathered together, somehow the topic of astrology came up one night. We pulled up this cool website called The Secret Language. You type in your birthday and get this full analysis of people born on a particular day, including traits, advice, health, and a list of other famous individuals that share your birthday. (You can even type in your birthday and another person’s to get some pretty fascinating insight into your relationship traits.)

Once we started punching in our birthdays, we all agreed that there seemed to be some validity to the descriptions for each adult, so we put in the kids’ birthdays, too.

When I looked up my own kids, I found one child’s personality was characterized by “a strongly rebellious streak” and one by “introspection.” So far, I’d say this was pretty accurate :)

Do you buy it? Even if you’re skeptical, can you resist checking your child’s birthdate in The Secret Language?

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