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What’s your longest friendship? 20 years, maybe 30?

Well, these ladies featured in a story in the Sequim Gazette definitely have you beat with a friendship that spans seven decades! At 85 years old, they’re still going strong, and planning a vacation together to celebrate their birthdays. Seriously.

Some of these women met as early as elementary school, and they eventually all graduated from high school together. Since then, they’ve managed to stay close despite moves and illnesses, and all the other life experiences that can get in the way of maintaining friendships.

What we can all learn from this seven decade friendship 2

Sequim Gazette

So, how did they do it?

They made each other a priority.

Years ago, they wrote letters to each other when long-distance phone calls were an expensive option.

They sent each other Christmas cards.

They planned a trip to China together to celebrate their 75th birthdays.

And in the last decade, they’ve made a point of scheduling time together, with monthly gatherings for those who still live locally and annual meetings for those who don’t.

Pretty inspiring, huh?

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