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co-sleepingWe let our children come into our beds whenever they want to. The baby sleeps in a crib, but for the five and two year old, our bed is available for them whenever they have a bad dream, want extra snuggles, or just need some company in the middle of the night. Everyone starts the night in their own bed, but more often than not, we wake up with one or two extra children in bed with us.

Why do we do this?

It gives us a chance to comfort them when they’re nervous.

It gives us a chance to snuggle with them, to keep them feeling safe during the hours where they may feel vulnerable or scared. But it’s also for the joy.

Last night, I woke up to my daughter giggling in her dream. Oh, the cuteness. Seriously. I wondered what she was dreaming of. Her brother playing a game with her? An imaginary world? Something silly that happened? It was so cute- I stayed up a couple minutes just to listen.

And the other morning, I woke up to my daughter wrapping her arms around me and in her drowsy state, saying, “I love you so much!”

And my son, whose body never seems to slow down, will wrap his arms around me as he relaxes into whatever dream awaits him. And then, my son who is so quickly turning into a real “big kid,” holds onto his dad throughout the night.

We bought a king size bed pretty much for the purpose of being able to fit all four of us (and maybe five) in at a time.

Our bed is an island of safety, of comfort, of snuggles during the nighttime hours. It gives our family a chance to be completely together, any night the children want to, for the entire night.

Co-sleeping isn’t for everyone, but it’s something we do, and have always done…initially out of pure exhaustion and the need to sleep, but now, for extra closeness and snuggles.

One day, they’ll sleep in their own beds. One day, they’ll stop coming into our room when they’re nervous or scared.  So for now, we relish in this time we have with them, when an extra snuggle in bed with mom and dad is all it takes to soothe what scares them.

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  1. Can’t blame you. My daughter is too young at the moment, but I don’t mind the upcoming snuggles! Some people have such an issue with cosleeping – to each his (or her) own.

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