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What makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Something that commemorates the beautiful children you’ve birthed.

Something you’ll use every day.

Something that will last forever.

Something that will make you smile each time you see it.

Wow. Tall order, huh?

Three years ago, right after Julia was born, my husband scored MAJOR brownie points by taking my not-so-subtle hints and getting me a set of Love & Victory’s hand-engraved baby name rings.

custom engraved ringThe rings are engraved with the girls’ names and dates of birth in an elegant script font. I wear them stacked on my right ring finger, mirroring my wedding ring, so I always have my family with me 

They’ve been a permanent fixture for three years now, and I still get compliments. It’s no wonder though; they’re gorgeous!

custom engraved ring love and victory

Isn’t it time you had a hand-engraved baby name ring? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with Love & Victory to give away one of these beauties just in time for Mother’s Day! Just enter below:

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