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One of the hardest things about having a long-distance best friend is knowing that sometimes they desperately need help and you aren’t there to see them through a tough time.

That’s how one Virginia woman felt when she discovered that her best friend had lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. Stacy Johnson and Stephanie Cohen met in college in Pennsylvania and have been besties ever since (WSET). Even though Stacy lives on the East Cost, when she discovered that Stephanie’s home in a suburb of Houston had flooded, she launched a GoFundMe page to help rebuild her friend’s life.

“My best friend lives in Sugarland, Texas.  She evacuated last Friday due to Hurricane Harvey and has not been able to get back to her home due to the highways being closed.  She and her family have been living in a hotel ever since.  To make things even more complicated, she has a 4 year old daughter and is due with a son on September 18th.  She has lost everything (see picture of her neighborhood), including everything they had purchased for the baby.  Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!”

Imagine having your home ready to welcome a new baby, due any day, only to discover that everything was ruined by the flooding. That’s where best friends like Stacy step in!

If you’d like to donate to help Stephanie’s family, check out their GoFundMe site.

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