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After the Boston Marathon attack, we were “Boston Strong.” We changed our profile pictures. We wore t-shirts. We  wanted to show solidarity. Because we “were Boston.” We were with them.

After the attack in Paris, our Facebook profile pictures changed again. The overlay matched the French flag. We wanted to show solidarity. Because “we were Paris.” We were with them.

After the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, we wanted to show our support. We all changed our profile photos on Facebook. We changed to rainbows. We showed solidarity. We were with them.

Recently, we’ve seen unfair and brutal attacks on African Americans. We’ve seen Facebook Live come of age as it documented horrific violence against American citizens. And although there have been protests and peaceful demonstrations and shared articles, the profile pictures of Facebook have stayed unnaturally quiet.

Where are the Facebook overlays? There are articles. There are conversations. There are even Starbucks grassroots movements But when I open Facebook, no one’s profile picture has changed. Why are people so tentative? Why are people so timid to show outright, unapologetic support for the #blacklivesmatter movement?

It’s funny though, the other day, there were attacks in Nice, France. The next morning. everyone’s Facebook overlay was a French flag.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

Adding an overlay may be a small gesture, and some may even see it as meaningless. But it shows support. It shows safety. It shows solidarity. It shows that we support the growth of the movement.

Want to add the Black Lives Matter filter to your social media accounts? Click here.   

We will be.

Don’t be silent. Speak with and for those treated unjustly.

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