What makes a gal your BEST friend?

Someone who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. Someone who lets you say all the crazy shit that’s on your mind but also isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. Someone who celebrates your secret obsessions with you and loves you for all your weird little quirks.

That’s us. Evie and Sarah. We’re best friends that write without all the small talk. We share glimpses of our friendship and our lives, without a filter.

The Real Us.

We met when we were both trying to figure out who the hell we were once we’d put our careers on hold to have babies. That friendship has spanned two websites, three moves, five kids, thousands of late-night calls, and millions of text messages.

Evie+Sarah is our guilty pleasure: a Dear Diary, a soap box, a mood board. And our podcast, Best Friend Banter, is our conversations—everything from periods to politics.

We’re sharing us, but this friendship is big enough for you. Leave us a comment, share what you love, and find us on social media. Get your best friend to come along, too.

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