Seven years ago, Sarah knocked on Evie’s door with a baby slung on her hip and invited her new neighbor to the pool. That afternoon, we discovered we shared more than just a wall between our townhouses.

We were both introspective first-time moms who were into Attachment Parenting, babywearing, and breastfeeding. We were both Massachusetts natives transplanted to Northern Virginia. And we had both put our teaching careers on hold to give this parenting thing our all.

What started as a pool date eventually turned into a friendship that has endured through 5 babies, 3 moves, 2 websites, 1 podcast, and millions of text messages. We have seen each other through so many parenting milestones, celebrations, and struggles.

Over the last six years, we’ve been proud to share our perspectives on everything from parenting to friendship with millions of readers and podcast listeners.

Our background as educators and our connection as best friends gives us the space to deep dive into challenging topics, like how a baby changes a marriage and parenting etiquette, one of our favorite subjects.

Why Modern Manners for Moms & Dads?

Remember last week when you were grocery shopping and your toddler knocked over that towering display of cookie boxes during a gigantic meltdown? What did you do?

What about last Tuesday, when you rushed into a public restroom with your baby only to find there was no changing table, forcing you to discreetly swap out a dirty diaper on the bench of your restaurant booth? Was that wildly inappropriate?

And how about those birthday invites you’ve got to get out to your daughter’s friends next week? Do you have to invite the whole class?

We’ve all been there. We’re out with our kids trying to have a nice day, and all of a sudden, you’ve got one of those situations. You’re not quite sure what to do. If you make the wrong move, you risk further embarrassment. You might even become the subject of a heated Facebook debate, the 11 o’clock news, or worse yet, one of those dreaded memes!

Becoming a parent involves a whole new set of social scenarios and usually a new social circle, which means new social rules. How early is too early to call? How late is too late to the playdate? How sick is too sick to get together? Lots of those boundaries we understood from our pre-baby lives have been completely upended, and our new mom and dad friends are a critical lifeline we can’t afford to lose because of crummy manners.

That’s why we cover parenting’s toughest etiquette questions for new and experienced moms and dads who want to lead their families with kindness and awareness, set a good example for little ones, maintain friendships with other parents, and keep it real when it comes to expectations. Our parenting etiquette advice has been featured in the Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, and elsewhere. Of course, you can read more of our advice and submit your questions here!

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